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Beat the Peak    

"Beat the Peak," is a program designed to help Big Sandy RECC members become more energy aware and lower their power bills by using energy   more efficiently and by reducing the energy consumed during peak periods when prices are at their highest.There are two major factors that affect the price of electricity - the price of fuel needed to generate power, and the demand for power. The demand for electricity on our system is greatest in the winter months.During normal load periods we pay only pennies per kilowatt-hour for power. However, during "Peak" demand or energy periods when the temperatures rise, we can pay up to one dollar per kilowatt-hour and in turn, we must pass these higher costs on to our members which may have an impacton rates.When Big Sandy RECC determines that a peak situation exists, Big Sandy RECC members will be notified by radio, our facebook page, and website. Members will be asked to help conserve energy by turning off lights, adjust their thermostats up 3 degrees, delay the use of major appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers and postpone hot water usage.


This program addresses the primary barrier households and small businesses face when they want to save energy and save money — finding the upfront cash to pay for improvements such as insulation, air-sealing and HVAC upgrades. The program is not a loan or a subsidy, but an extension of the utility services that households or businesses are already receiving. After completing an energy assessment of the property and estimating the potential savings, the utility will oversee the contractor installing the energy efficiency upgrades and provide assurance that the improvements have been correctly installed. After installation, the program allows customers to make installment payments as part of their monthly utility bills, gradually paying for the efficiency upgrades by using part of the energy savings generated by the retrofit. Immediately, customers will see savings on their typical utility bill. Because the charges remain with the property and not the customer, this approach works for all classes of utility customers — renters, homeowners or business owners. For more information or to apply please call (606) 789-4095 or (888) 789-RECC(7322)

Direct Load Control ( Air Conditioner)    

This program not only will save you money but it also gives you the chance to become partners in load management and cost containment.  By allowing Big Sandy RECC to install a direct load control device on your air conditioner, will help Big Sandy RECC manage it's electric load during peak usage and at the same time saves you money.  The direct load control device will cycle down your air conditioner during peak usage times which ultimately saves you energy/money.  The air conditioner direct load control devices are installed at no cost to the member, the switches  are controlled remotely, and the member will recieve an incentive for their participation in this great program.  For more information on the program and incentive call (606) 789-4095 or (888) 789-RECC(7322).   

Energy Audits (residential and commercial)

Most of us want to use our money wisely.  Our energy audit program can help you to avoid spending too much on your monthly energy costs.  Energy Audits are a free service.  Call our energy advisor and he will make an appointment to come to your home and point out areas where the efficiency of your home can be improved.   The energy advisor will verify the insulation amounts that are present in your home and make suggestions on where improvements may need to be made in order to cut your annual heating and cooling costs.  Your heating and cooling system itself will be checked to make sure it is working correctly.  Problems with heating and cooling systems can cause major high energy usage.  We can help!

Heat Pump Retrofit Rebate                            

If you’re replacing an existing electric furnace or base board heat, efficiency is assured with an air source heat pump.   All heat pumps must have a 14 SEER and 8.0 HSPF rating or higher to qualify for a one time rebate. A Big RECC representative will verify the installation before a rebate is paid. Please call (606) 789-4095 or (888) 789-RECC(7322) for more information.

Co-op Connection Card

The Co-op Connection card and web site is a program for Big Sandy RECC consumer-members to obtain online, national and local discounts offered by Big Sandy RECC. Use the website search engine to find discounts right at home - or anywhere you travel. The list of participating co-ops continues to grow, so check back periodically. Co-op Connections is just another benefit to being a member of Big Sandy RECC.  

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