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Member Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete a short member survey so we can better serve you.

By submitting this survey you will be entered to win a $100 Wal Mart gift card!

Please consider all your experiences to date with Big Sandy RECC. Using a 10 point scale on which "1" means "very dissatisfied" and "10" means "very satisfied", how satisfied are you with Big Sandy RECC?
To what extent has Big Sandy RECC fallen short of your expectations or exceeded your expectations? Using a 10-point scale on which “1” means “falls short of your expectations” and “10” means “exceeds your expectations”.
Imagine the ‘ideal’ utility company. How well do you think Big Sandy RECC compares with that ideal utility company? Please use a 10-point scale on which “1” means “not very close to the ideal” and “10” means “very close to the ideal” utility.
Assume that you could choose from among more than one utility company. Using a 10-point scale on which “1” means “very unlikely” and “10” means “very likely”, how likely is it that you would choose Big Sandy RECC again?
Please rate the questions using the 10 point scale.
This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
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