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Notice of Filing



On January 31, 2017, Big Sandy Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (“Big Sandy RECC”) filed a Retail Community Solar Tariff.  Under the Retail Community Solar Tariff, Big Sandy RECC retail customers will be able to voluntarily license solar panels within East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc.’s (“EKPC”) eight and a half (8.5) MW community solar facility on the premises of EKPC’s headquarters in Clark County, Kentucky (“Project”).  Under the Retail Community Solar Tariff each participating retail customer will effectively pay the initial capital cost of the Project through a one-time, $460 license fee for each licensed panel.  A participating retail customer may offset up to one hundred percent (100%) of his or her average annual consumption of electricity from the previous three (3) years.  Participating retail customers will receive a monthly credit on their electric bill which will return the value of their licensed solar generation capacity as well as the value of the generated energy associated with said capacity.  Depending upon the retail customer’s preference, they may also receive the value of the solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) associated with their licensed panel(s).  A monthly operations and maintenance expense debit will be deducted from the sum of the credits listed above.  The average effect upon a participating retail customer’s average bill will vary depending on the customer’s usage patterns and the pricing applicable to the Project capacity, energy and SRECs during a billing period.


This is a new service offered by Big Sandy RECC, is strictly voluntary and open to all retail customer classes.  There currently is no other Big Sandy RECC tariff in effect for community solar.  The proposed effective date for the Retail Community Solar Tariff will be March 2, 2017.   


A person may examine this filing at the offices of Big Sandy RECC located at 504 11th Street, Paintsville, Kentucky.  This filing may also be examined at the offices of the Public Service Commission located at 211 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort, Kentucky, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or through the Commission’s Web site at  Any comments regarding this filing may be submitted to the Public Service Commission through its website or by mail to Public Service Commission, P. O. Box 615, Frankfort, Kentucky 40602.


The rates contained in this notice are the rates proposed by Big Sandy RECC, but the Public Service Commission may order rates that differ from the proposed rates contained in this notice.


A person may submit a timely written request for intervention to the Public Service Commission, P. O. Box 615, Frankfort, Kentucky 40602, establishing the grounds for the request including the status and interest of the party.  If the Commission does not receive a written request for intervention within thirty (30) days of the initial publication of this notice, the Commission may take final action on the tariff filing.


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